Video of 101-Year-Old Woman Playing in the Snow Will Warm Your Heart

January 05, 2018

While the northeast part of America battles through blizzard conditions, sometimes it is easy to forget the joys that snow can bring to people.


This video of a 101-year-old woman enjoying the snow is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.


Albina Foisy of Lillooet, British Columbia, has become a viral internet star after her joyous reaction to a rare snowfall.



“It was one of those innocent moments that come around fairly often with my mother,” said her 69-year-old son, Armand Foisy. “Basically I just aimed my little iPhone at her in order to send it to my son.”


Armand and his mother were driving around town on a rainy day when suddenly the rain turned to snow. Snow is rare occurrence in their quaint inland town, so the falling snowflakes were quite the sight for Albina.



“It started snowing more and more, and I stopped for just a moment to make sure there’s no traffic coming in the other direction,” said Armand. “Mom undoes her seatbelt and steps out.”


“It’s snowing quite a bit,” says Albina in the video. “Oh my, oh my, oh my,” she continues as she packs up some snow in her hand to make a snowball.


“She always uses the same phrase, ‘Oh my, oh my,’ when she is extremely excited about something,” said Armand. “It’s such a warm feeling to get.”


“We laugh a lot, it’s a family thing,” Armand continued. “She’s extremely bright. There’s no sign at all of mental degeneration. Physical yes, but this moment for us is not unique. There are more of those, and there have been, but this has resonated with everyone.”



So what makes this video so special and universally loved?


“It is sheer delight, and she can express it genuinely. People around her feel that,” replied Armand. “It’s awe-inspiring. It’s really quite unique. She’s a universal grandma.”


Watch the video below and see for yourself why the video has so many views!


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