Thousands of Vehicles Driving Around With Open Recalls—Here’s What You Need to Know to Be Safe

May 10, 2018

Many people take taxis, Uber and Lyft rides every day. Likewise, rarely do many stop to think, “Is the vehicle I’m driving in safe?” Sometimes the answer is no.

Recently 1,100 taxis were found to have open recalls on them in the city of Los Angeles. The city is supposed to regulate this but the City’s Department of Transportation claims: “they don’t know how.”

"We don't have any way to check recalls," said Eric Cavarlez, an Inspector with the City's Department of Transportation in an interview with NBC4’s I-Team.

Well Eric, where there’s a will, there’s a way. A simple Google may have helped lead you in the right direction but there are also helpful apps out there that check for recalls.

For instance, the "myCarFax" app is a great app for checking for vehicle recalls. Come on Eric, there are so many options!

What’s worse, is when the city was asked if they will use the new app, their response was lukewarm at best.

"'I think we can consider it. I think we probably want to take a look and see if we have an epidemic of open recalls,’ said Jarvis Murray, the Taxi Administrator for the Los Angeles Department of Transportation.”

Anyways, until they get their act together, I would steer clear of a taxi in Los Angeles! Unfortunately, the city cannot regulate services like Uber and Lyft either, who are having problems with recalls as well. 

“The I-Team also found open safety recalls on rideshare service providers, Lyfts and Uber, vehicles as well.

"Uber told the I-Team it reminds its drivers every few months to check for safety recalls. Lyft did not respond to our requests to comment on this story.”

What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments.

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