11-Year-Old Girl Is Told That She Is Getting Adopted. Her Reaction is Priceless!

October 12, 2017

Last week an 11-year-old girl got the surprise that would change her life forever. Tannah Butterfield got news that she would be adopted by her foster parents.

"My heart was so happy. It was like 'Ah!' I was like screaming," Tannah, who attends American Heritage School in South Jordan, Utah, told KUTV.

Last Monday, Tannah received the news that the judge approved her foster parents' request to adopt her and her two siblings. When Jackie Alexander told Tannah the exciting news, Tannah jumped and wrapped herself around Jackie. She wouldn't let go.

"I just grabbed her and I just said, 'Oh baby, have you heard the news? You get your family. You get your forever family.'"

Check out the viral video of Jackie telling Tannah the news.

Jackie told KUTV that after she heard about the Las Vegas mass shooting the night before she was very down and upset. When she heard the news about Tannah, she felt overjoyed and knew there was still some good in this world.

"I had to let people know there's a lot going on in the world, a lot of sadness but you know what? There's joy that happens every day," Jackie said.

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