12-Year-Old Boy Bullied for Irish Dancing Meets Irish Dancing NFL Player

November 02, 2017

Carl Tubbs, a 7th grader from Des Moines, Iowa, loves to Irish dance. The problem, however, was that he would often get bullied and made fun of for his dancing habits by other boys at school.

“Mostly they’d just give me a hard time, saying, ‘Oh, that’s for girls,’” said Carl. “And that I wasn’t supposed to be doing Irish dancing because only girls do that.”

This clearly affected Carl’s confidence in pursuing his passion, and his mother, Joanne, sought out ways to encourage her son to keep at it. That’s when she found out that Baltimore Ravens star running back, Alex Collins, is also an Irish dancer.

She then took to Twitter to ask Collins for words of encouragement for her son. “I asked for a shout-out to cheer up Carl and give him some confidence,” she said.


She didn’t expect the response, however. “I didn’t really expect to hear back, and all of a sudden my notifications were sort of blowing up.”


When the Iowa natives saw that the Ravens would be playing in nearby Minneapolis, Minnesota against the Vikings, they bought tickets to the game to see Collins in action. When the Ravens heard that Carl would be in attendance, they gave him a field pass to meet his hero in person.


Carl was able to meet Collins both before and after the game. He even received a football signed by the entire Ravens team.

Carl’s favorite part of Irish dancing is the loud stomps and clicks made by the bouncy routine.

Meet Carl’s hero in this video below from CBS Evening News.

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