14 Hilarious Church Signs That Have the Internet Rolling

January 18, 2018

Have you ever driven by a church sign that had you thinking, 'That sign was hilarious. I think I'll attend next Sunday just because of the church's humor'?


If they weren't able to bring you to Sunday services, you still have to admit that someone there has an excellent sense of humor! Let's check out the top 14 church signs!

1. Always read the terms and conditions before you do anything!


2. Many, many jams!


3. That’s one way to put it!

4. Get to work, He's always watching!

5. Sunday’s are the best days for sleep!

6. Seriously, just go!

7. It’s pretty self-explanatory!

8. Let God take care of them!


9. Some churches have great Sundays!


10. Yeah, we wish Noah just used a fly swatter for these guys.


11. Nope, it sure doesn’t!


12. You can’t get out of that fire!


13. Get it? Makes one weak!


14. Got to love the sign guy!



What did you think about these photos? Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below. In related news, these bible comics are sure to brighten your day! Check out the article here!

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