MISSING: 15-Year-Old Florida Teen—Parent Believe She Left Willingly With Older Man

May 01, 2018

Her name is Alexa Westwater and she has been missing for just over 2 months. She is only 15 years old. Here is one of the first videos that went out days after she went missing in the Boynton Beach area:


Since then, her face has shown up multiple times across the web, as her parents have started a desperate search to find their missing daughter. They even started a Facebook page called “Bring Alexa Home” where they share updates like this one:


About a month later after he disappearance, this video was released:


It is already Day 64 of her being pronounced missing. Her parents and officials, though, believe she left on her own accord.

Her father states, “Based on her social media activity, the rumors, and the tips we’ve gotten, that she is with an older man who may be providing financially for her.

The family is urging all parents to keep an eye on their child’s social media activity, as they never suspected a thing. Her mother goes on to say, “Don’t doubt that your kid wouldn’t do it...you never know.”

The parents are concerned now that the worst has happened. Because it is south Florida, sex trafficking is a big problem. The hope and pray that their daughter is ok. They desperately want her to hear their message and come home.

Will you join us in praying that Alexa comes home? And of course, if you hear anything about her whereabouts, please call the Beach County Sheriff’s Office at 561-995-2800. Alexa Westwater is 15, 5’ 4”, has green eyes, blonde hair, weighs 132 pounds, and has braces. Here is her photo and more info:

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