16 People Including 2 Children Dead After Tragic Boating Accident; Requesting Prayers

July 03, 2018

At least 16 people, including two children, have been found dead Tuesday after a ferry capsized off the coast of Indonesia. Officials said that rescuers raced to save other passengers believed to be aboard the boat.


This tragic accident comes the same day officials called off the search for other missing people. More than 160 people are still missing after another vessel sank in a popular tourist lake in Sumatra two weeks prior.


In the latest incident, the 157-foot ferry wrecked nearly a quarter-mile off the coast and was sailing from Sulawesi to nearby Selaya island. The boat encountered strong winds and treacherous waves that sank the boat.

16 bodies have since been recovered with 39 survivors. According to Darfian Mukri, head of the local disaster agency, authorities cannot account for the remaining 139 people who were listed on the ship's manifest.


"The joint search and rescue team and fisherman are still trying to rescue victims on board the boat," Mukri said. "The number of passengers that are still trapped on the boat is not yet known."

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