16 Restaurants Closed in Observance of Easter Sunday

March 27, 2018

Quite a few restaurants are closed for Easter this year! Let’s take a moment to praise these companies for taking a day to honor the Lord.

1. Arby’s

2. Chick-fil-A (always closed Sundays)

3. Church’s Chicken

4. Hardee’s

5. KFC

6. McDonalds

7. Old Chicago

8. Papa John’s Pizza

9. Papa Murphy’s Pizza

10. Pizza Hut

11. Popeyes

12. Quiznos

13. Taco Bell

14. Texas Roadhouse

15. Wendy’s

16. Whataburger

Have a favorite restaurant that we didn’t include on the list? Email us at info@inspiringday.com letting us know.

In other news, check out these 12 stores that are also closed for Easter Sunday.


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