Popular 1980s Actor in Coma for 35 Years Has Died

March 21, 2018

Former popular actor in the 1980s was left in a coma 35 years ago has died Wednesday, sources say.


Anochow Yodbutr was in a life-threatening accident when shooting a film in 1983. He fell from a moving Jeep when he was filming in the movie "Rak Gan Wan La Nid" on October 30, 1983.

The tragic accident left Yodbutr in a coma for 35 years. He was 59 years old.


30 years of the 35-year coma, Yodbutr's mother, Amphai Yodbutr, was taking care of him. It wasn't until 2012 when she passed away that his sister took over his care.


In 2002, Amphai was recognized and honored by Her Royal Highness Princess Soamsawali as an "outstanding mother." She was honored because of her diligence and patience in taking care of her ill son.

Relatives of Yodbutr said that his funeral rites will be held at Wat Phra Sri Mahathat in Bang Khen in Thailand until March 27. He will be cremated on March 27.


Please pray for his family!

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