24-Year-Old Mom With Breast Cancer Made The Ultimate Sacrifice for Her Baby

October 10, 2017

Heather Salazar has had a passion for kids and social work since she was young. She got married at 19-years-old and had three children within the next ten years. At 28, she was a student and a stay-at-home mom.

One day, Heather was visiting her mom and her mom’s neighbor approached her. She shared that she had been helping a woman who was battling stage IV breast cancer who had a young daughter.

The neighbor knew that Heather was passionate about social work. She was asking to see if Heather had any ideas that might help them out.

Heather was touched by this woman and her young child, though she had never met them. She spent three days praying about the situation to try to find an answer. Eventually, she decided that she wanted to be the one to help.

She proposed the idea to her husband. Though they had never spoken about adoption before, he was willing to meet the mother and her baby.

That weekend, the Salazars met Alexis Preston and her 10-month-old daughter, Lexi. Alexis said to them, “I’m looking for someone to take my baby. I just want to know that you’re going to love her.”

In that moment, Heather’s husband was ready. According to Heather, “He would have done anything for her because she was so sick with no support.”

For several weeks, the Salazars spent some time with Alexis and her baby. Soon after, they took full custody of her. Alexis was doing everything she could to make it through but wanted to be able to take care of her daughter.

Soon after they got full custody, though, Alexis lost her battle. She was only 24-years-old at the time.

That’s not the end of the story, though. A year after Alexis passed away, Heather thought about how young Alexis was and performed a self-exam to check for lumps. She found one. The diagnosis wasn’t good.

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