25,000,000 Pounds of Ice Is the Winter Wonderland Castles of Our Dreams

January 23, 2018

Remember that wonderful ice palace that Elsa built for herself in “Frozen?” Young kids were dreaming of the glorious arches and icicles.

One organization has found a way to make those dreams come true. They create beautiful structures and palaces out of ice. They begin the process in early winter. As the weather gets colder and winter continues, it only gets bigger.

The first ice castle was built in Alpine, Utah. Brent Christensen was building an ice cave for his daughter. To quickly cover the entire structure, he decided to spray a wood frame with water and let it freeze. It worked perfectly.

The next year, Brent wanted to try to make a similar structure without using the wood frame. He figured out that the best way of creating the structure was to create blocks of ice and use icicles for the structure. Then, when the water is sprayed on the structure, the icicles create a structure that the water can stick to.

To start their massive structures, they formed structures from 25 million pounds of ice. Everyday, they continue to expand the structures. The crews grow around 10,000 icicles each day that are placed throughout the Castle to help support it. Check out all of the effort they have to go through to build these castles.

The Castles built by the company are each just over an acre. Each of the parts are fully connected to each other. Total, the Ice Castles weigh over 25,000,000 pounds.

The Ice Castles are absolutely incredible just to see. Visitors can walk through most of the passages. Because the icicles are adhered straight to ice and are then covered with more ice, there is no fear of them falling.

These structures have been the backdrop for many proposals and engagement photo shoots. They’ve also been used by artists as the backdrop for music videos. “The Piano Guys” used one as the backdrop for their “Let It Go/Winter” mashup.

These Ice Castles are incredible! Check out their website to see if there are any near you!

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