2 Dallas PD Officers Critically Wounded in Home Depot Shooting

April 24, 2018

Two Dallas Police Department officers have been critically wounded at a Home Depot store in Dallas, Texas.


A security guard was also shot in the incident in north Dallas, police officials have confirmed.




“We can confirm that two Dallas PD officers have been shot and critically wounded. We will provide updates as we get them. Please pray for our officers and their families,” said the Dallas Police Department on Twitter.


The two Dallas officers were helping a security guard who was responding to an incident at the store. The two officers are reportedly a man and a woman.




The incident is still developing and as of this moment, police are still searching for the suspect.


According to a police spokesman, they confirmed that it is a “major incident” at the store and still a “very active scene.”




The Dallas officers have been taken to a nearby hospital.


This story will update when new news on the situation is released.

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