2-Week-Old Baby Saved by an Off-Duty State Trooper in the Nick of Time

February 06, 2018

Robert Meyer had just fallen asleep when he woke up to banging on his front door. A frantic neighbor needed help—fast.

Meyer is a State Trooper. He had just gotten off duty from a night shift. But he didn’t get to take a break quite yet.

One of his neighbors had a 2-week-old granddaughter named Elizabeth. Elizabeth started choking and her grandmother was unable to clear her airway.

Meyer had never met his neighbor. When she saw the patrol car parked outside his home, she thought that he would be able to help.

The grandmother pounded on his door frantically. She wasn’t sure there were any other options to help save her granddaughter.

As soon as Meyer figured out what was happening, he took off. He ran barefoot across the cold ground to try to help save the newborn baby.

He ran to the grandmother’s home, four houses away. As soon as he got there, he grabbed a bulb syringe and tried to clear mucus out of the baby’s nose and mouth. Luckily, he did the right thing. He cleared her airway and she was able to take a breath.

Elizabeth was taken to a local hospital to ensure that she would be okay. She was treated and released the same day with no injuries.

What an incredible story. Because of his quick-thinking and his willingness to run across the ground barefoot, that sweet baby was able to breathe. Robert Meyer is a true public service officer—he did everything he could and that sweet baby is alive today because of it.

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