36-Year-Old Accountant Called in to Play Goalie in NHL Hockey Game

April 04, 2018

Scott Foster is your regular 36-year-old accountant living in Oak Park, Illinois. In the mid-2000s, he played goalie for Western Michigan University’s hockey team. He now plays rec hockey at a local ice rink.


Just a few blocks east of his ice rink is the arena where the NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks play. Before their game against the Winnipeg Jets, the Blackhawks ran into some goalie trouble.



Their starter was injured and their backup got hurt just before the game. That meant that their third-string goalie was their only goalie on the roster. They needed a backup in a hurry.


They invited Foster in for a quick tryout since he was quickly available and had previous hockey experience in his college days. They then signed him to be their emergency backup goaltender before the game.


During the game against the Jets, the third-string goalie started cramping up in the third period and needed to leave the game. It was time for the emergency backup. Before he knew it, Scott Foster the accountant was skating out onto the ice of a real NHL hockey game.



“I don’t think I heard anything other than, ‘Put your helmet on,’” said Foster after the game.


You might expect that putting an accountant in goal might cost your team the win, but Foster played well and preserved the win for the Blackhawks with a final score of 6-2, with the two goals against being scored prior to his entry into the game.


“The initial shock happened when I had to dress,” said Foster to reporters after the game. “You just kind of blackout after that.”


Unlike other professional hockey players, it’s back to work for Foster. “You think there’d be a lot of pressure, but really, tomorrow I’m going to wake up, I’m going to button up my shirt, and I’m going to go back to my day job,” Foster said. “So what pressure is there for me?”



His save percentage might go down as the best ever, even if they are a minuscule sample size. Foster was a perfect 7 saves on 7 shots for a perfect 1.000 save percentage.




If Scott Foster the accountant can do it, fans all across the world now have hope that maybe, just maybe that they can do it too.


In other news, the headline of the next article below is 100% true.

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