3 American Prisoners Held in Captivity in North Korea for Years Finally Released

May 09, 2018

Some great news this morning! Three American prisoners who were held captive in North Korea have finally been released thanks to the help from our president and Mike Pompeo.



The group is en route to the U.S. soil after a surprise diplomatic mission conducted by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, President Donald Trump said Wednesday.


“I am pleased to inform you that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is in the air and on his way back from North Korea with the three wonderful gentlemen that everyone is looking so forward to meeting,” Trump tweeted. “They seem to be in good health.”




Pompeo told several reporters that he was "thrilled" to have these three Americans back to our homeland. Trump has also released details about an upcoming meeting with Kim Jong Un. The date and location have been scheduled.



[Trump] “appreciates leader Kim Jong Un’s action to release these American citizens, and views this as a positive gesture of goodwill," White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said.




“The three Americans appear to be in good condition and were all able to walk on the plane without assistance,” she continued.


The three men who were taken were of Korean descent, and South Korea agreed with the release saying it was "very positive for a successful North Korean-United States summit," Yoon Young-chan, a spokesman for President Moon Jae-in, said.


According to CNN, the names of the three men are Kim Sang Duk (aka Tony Kim), Kim Dong Chul, and Kim Hak-song.


Duk was apprehended on April 22, 2017, Chul was arrested in October 2015, and Hak-song was detained on May 7, 2017.


In other news, sad news has just released about Barron Trump and President Trump is requesting prayers. Will you join us?

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