3 Arrested In Horrific Case Of Murdered Pregnant Mom Whose Baby Boy Was Brutally Cut From Her Womb

May 17, 2019

A relationship that began on a Facebook group page ended in the grisly murder of a pregnant mom and the brutal removal of a baby from her womb.

“Nine months pregnant with her second child, Marlen Ochoa-Lopez went to Clarisa Figueroa’s home last month to buy baby clothes, just as she had done at least once before, authorities said.

"Ochoa-Lopez had previously bought baby items from Clarisa Figueroa and arranged for another meet-up in the afternoon of April 23 through a Facebook group geared toward young mothers."

“But four hours later, Figueroa stood on a sidewalk and called 911, claiming she had given birth to a baby who was brain dead.”

Police had searched for the missing 19-year-old pregnant woman for three weeks not realizing the disturbing turn the case had taken.

The teen mom was last seen on April 23rd, leaving Latino Youth High School - about eight miles from her home.

Ochoa-Lopez’ mutilated body was found on Wednesday in a trash can at the Figueroa residence, and her missing car parked near the home.

Now, police have arrested Figueroa, 46, and her daughter Desiree, 24 for the strangulation death of Lopez and the brutal cutting of the baby from Lopez’ womb.

Clarisa Figueroa’s boyfriend, Piotr Bobak, 40, was also arrested for his role in the crime. He stands accused of concealing the homicidal death of Ochoa-Lopez.

The elder Figueroa had pretended to be pregnant and tried to pass off the stolen newborn boy as her own, but many people didn’t buy it.

The turning point in the case came when another member of the Facebook group notified police that the missing woman was part of that group.

They then tracked down the transactions between Ochoa-Lopez and Figueroa and were horrified to discover that Lopez’ car had been parked close to the Figueroa home ever since the disappearance - and had received numerous parking citations.

Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson held a press conference on Thursday, where he announced the charges against the trio. He also expressed sympathy for Maren's family.


“Words really cannot express how disgusting and thoroughly disturbing these allegations are,” he began.

“And I’d like to offer my sincere condolences and prayers to Marlen’s family, who instead of celebrating the arrival of a new life into their family are now mourning Marlen’s loss.”

Lopez’ father is outraged the Chicago Police took so long to solve the case, citing the lack of communication between factions of the Police force and the continuous delays in obtaining court orders.

“There were plenty of clues, and in my view, this all took way too long. They kept saying how a judge had to OK every request — to check her phone, to check Facebook,” he said.

He eventually hired a private investigator who turned over his findings to the police. This helped lead to the discovery of the body.

The baby boy remains in the hospital on life support. Officials say the infant has very little chance of recovery due to the severity of his brain damage. They did not elaborate on what caused the injury to the little boy.

The three suspects were scheduled to appear in court on Friday.

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