3 Important Time Saving Tips EVERY Busy Mom Needs to Know

July 10, 2017

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little TTY (time to yourself)? With all that goes into being a mom, it can be hard to carve out any time for you! Spend a few minutes browsing these savvy, time-saving tips, and you’ll be sipping that cup of coffee and reading a good book in no time!

1. Plan Your Planning Time—Seriously Don’t Skip This Step!

It may seem redundant, but it's a necessity. Making time in your calendar for planning your week is crucial to a stress-free week.

To get started, pull out your calendar of choice and schedule a weekly, 30-minute block of time for planning your week. Sundays are usually a good day for most people.

Things to plan may include: meals, shopping lists, workout days, family appointments and activities, chore schedules, and the like. Don’t forget to schedule your TTY--a very important step for any sane-seeking mother to adhere to. :)

2. Systemize Everything as Much as Possible

Think about it. Behind anything successful, you’ll find a system. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a system is defined as an organized or established procedure.

Some areas of life to consider systemizing may include: your schedule (stress-free bonus if you can add automated reminders for every event), your home, the way you pay bills, or how you receive everyday products (to name a few).

Amazon has a great automated feature for replenishing everyday home products that ships directly to your house on the scheduled date of your choice. Sign up today and never run out of toilet paper again! (We all know the pain is real with that one!)

One very important component of a system is a method of tracking. According to master organizers, April and Eric Perry, from Learn.Do.Become, you can achieve this feat with a very structured excel document. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an “Excel expert” to do this.)

Start by creating three tabs within your Excel doc or Google sheet. One tab should read “Me”, the other “Family”, and the last one “Beyond”. Once finished, you'll have an excellent place to mind dump any projects you need to get done for you, your family, or something/someone else (the “Beyond” category).

Next, pick the top five things from each section that you can achieve weekly and add them to your to-do list! Keep picking away at the list until you’ve reached your goals!

Hope these tips get you off and running to a smoother existence! Want first-hand notifications when new articles come out? Subscribe to our site or like us on Facebook!