3-Year-Old Autistic Boy Is Shown a Whole New World When He Learns to ‘Wait’

February 07, 2018

Natasha Barber is like any other mom. She has two boys who are very active and love to play together. The only difference is that her youngest boy, Joshua, has Autism.


Joshua was diagnosed with Autism when he was three years old. Natasha noticed that he was developing slightly different than his older brother so she had him checked out.


"Through the years, his curiosity, persistence, and lack of understanding about danger and safety made him quite the little Houdini," her YouTube video said.


After Natasha was able to find out what worked for Joshua, she decided to make a book: "The Waiting Song." With continued patience and waiting, soon Joshua's vocabulary was growing which allowed him to communicate better. He also understood what it meant to "wait."


The devoted mother knew Joshua would learn things differently and at different speeds. She also taught Joshua a different way to understand math. They used what is called "TouchMath."


"TouchMath" is a multisensory math curriculum that helps essential math concepts appealing to children who struggle to understand the content. Joshua loved it and excelled at it.


Through Joshua's experiences and difficulties, Natasha decided to spread awareness of Autism by illustrating it through a picture book. The book follows a four-year-old hedgehog named Nigel through his days at school and at home.


Nigel is a typical child; he enjoys trains, cookies, and on occasion, he will cry. The only difference between him and his classmates and brother is that he has Autism.


Natasha shares in the book that children who have Autism do not speak very much nor have much of a vocabulary unlike other children their age. With the help of Nigel's classmates, teacher, and his mother, Nigel begins to show progress towards the understanding of waiting and communication.


You can purchase "The Waiting Song" on Amazon here. Also, be sure to check out her inspiring video below.



"I wanted to share this book with you because I believe Autism Awareness is key for children and adults to understand individuals on the spectrum and with understanding and awareness comes love, and acceptance," Natasha said.


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