Missing 3-Year-Old Boy Found in Texas After Being Abducted; Family Asking for Prayers

May 09, 2018

According to the Texas City Police Department, a 3-year-old boy had gone missing after his grandmother never returned from a grocery store run. He had been gone since Friday, according to KWTX.

On Saturday, the oldest children of the Russel family told their father, Donald, that they saw their grandmother, 40-year-old Beverly Mickens, at a local pawn shop selling items. Donald believes she is "back on drugs."

"She stopped at EZ Pawn, was pawning the speakers and stuff, met some homeless guy," Donald said told ABC13.

After an Amber Alert was issued by the police, just hours later Alexzander Clayton Russell was found. The Amber Alert was issued at approximately 5:20 a.m. Wednesday morning.

The boy was last seen in Texas City near Galveston, which is 57 miles from Houston.

Alexzander was taken by Mickens and police say he could be in a tan mid-2000s Chevy Suburban with Texas license plates.

Police say the boy could have been in grave danger and were quickly trying to find the boy with the help from the public.

Just hours later, a manager at Scottish Inns in Galveston recognized the car's description from the Amber Alert and called authorities.

"There were no diapers in the room. No nothing. He was scraped up and bruised. It's horrible. I don't know how you could do that to a kid," the mother said.

Not longer after Mickens was arrested, the boy was reunited with his mother. Alexzander was also taken to the hospital for a routine checkup to ensure he is healthy and didn't sustain any injuries.

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