3-Year-Old With Muscular Condition Becomes Cinderella For Halloween

November 01, 2017

Halloween is an amazing time where young children can dress in a way that makes them feel confident and happy. For some, this is especially important because they feel like outsiders the rest of the year.

Roslyn Breen is one of these children that usually feels like an outsider. She is only 3-years-old but has to use a special wheelchair every single day. She has an undiagnosed muscular condition that makes it extremely difficult to stand or sit on her own.

Roslyn’s mother, Tiffany, shared that she wanted her daughter to attract attention in a more positive way for Halloween than she typically does. She shared, “I wanted her to draw attention in a positive way. A lot of times we get stares for a different reason.”

To make Roslyn feel special this year, Tiffany created a Cinderella costume for her. She was dressed in a blue princess gown with blue gloves.

Not only that, but Tiffany also made Roslyn’s wheelchair look like a carriage. She used hula-hoops and sparkly garland to deck out the wheelchair. She even added lights to make it stand out.

Yes, the dress and the carriage were wonderful, but that wasn’t even as amazing as the best part of the costume. The best part was Roslyn’s smile. In the photos that her mother took, you can see exactly how excited she was to be a princess for the day.

Tiffany didn’t just wear her costume once. During October, she got to wear it twice to events at their local zoo. She also got to wear it again on Halloween. Check out this darling video of Roslyn and her mom.

It’s always amazing to see a kid’s dreams come true. She looks so overjoyed to be dressed up!

Another family likes to deck out their son’s wheelchair for amazing costumes every year. Check out some of the incredible photos here.

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