47-Year-Old Man Drops Dead After He Suffers a Bloody Nose

January 04, 2018

Most of us have encountered a bloody nose before. With somewhat an easy cleanup, 47-year-old Robert Ford ended up dying from it.

Robert was walking through town in Gravesend, England, with his friend, John Churchill, when he experienced some blood dripping from his nose. Since the nosebleed failed to quit, he decided to go to the doctors. Once the bleeding had stopped, the doctors were convinced that this was a common complaint and told him to put ice on it.

After Robert suffered from what he thought to be a minor nosebleed, he was found dead in his room just hours later by his father, Michael.

Spots of blood were found throughout Robert's home and found in his throat, blocking his airways resulting in his death. According to a pathologist, Olaf Biedrzycki, it was the only fatal bloody nose he had seen in 4,000 autopsies.

"We found him dead on the floor with a small pool of blood around his mouth," Michael explained. "There were also ten pea-sized spots of blood around the house."

Once the paramedics arrived on the scene, they immediately tried to revive him. With no such luck, the family was devastated.

"This was certainly an odd case," Biedrzycki said. "We don’t really know how to explain it. I’ve looked very hard for a source of the blood and could not find it. It’s something of a mystery. I’m really sorry but I’m not entirely sure where this blood was coming from."

"We’re not looking to blame anyone, we’re just mystified at our son’s death," Michael said. "He was a much-loved son, brother, and uncle."

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