4 DIYs That Took It a Little Too Far

August 24, 2017

Do it yourself projects are always fun to take on. There are some amazing hacks that you can do to make the perfect item to fit into your house—or your life. But sometimes, DIY projects take it a little too far. Sometimes it’s easier (and cheaper) to just buy the product at the store. Check out these four DIY’s that took it just a step too far.

Globes are wonderful parts of any room. You can idly spin them around, thinking of absolutely nothing—and you look smart while you do it! But spinning a black sphere around idly? Nope, it just looks pointless.

If you find an old globe, instead of painting it with blackboard paint, add paint to the places you’ve been. Eventually, it will become a painting of your travels, not a worthless black sphere.

Mason jars are wonderfully practical—they can be vases, cups, storage—so many uses. So why would you snatch the practicality away from it by adding a stem to it?

Leave your mason jars to be. Instead, invest in some cheap stemware that looks nice. You don’t need to make a stemware-mason jar hybrid.

While these acorn tops might make a cute tabletop decoration, how could you possibly use them? The wax would melt within minutes and eventually light the acorns on fire.

This one gets a little bit of credit—if you like to make your own products or have extreme allergies, it makes sense. However, for most people, buying chapstick is a few dollars, whereas the ingredients to make your own is quite a bit more than that.

While these DIYs may have taken it a little too far, I have to admit that I have been enticed to make them. In fact, I’ve definitely made DIY lip balm. The others are just fun novelty things.

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