5 Hilarious Cat Videos That Will Leave You ‘Clawing for More’

February 16, 2018

Sometimes you find yourself starting your mornings watching funny cat videos. It happens. We’ve all fell prey to their adorable fluffiness.

Here are 10 ‘cat-tastic’ videos that will make your day turn from awesome to super, super, super awesome. (Ok, maybe not that awesome, but we are seriously going to try.)

1. “My owner is home!” says the cat...if he could talk.


2. “Hey tail, get back here...GET BACK HERE!”


3. I think I smell a new business model in the works. It will be “sweeping” the nation in no time!


4. “You steal my cat food one more time!”


5. And last, but certainly not least, a large batch of cat videos set to music!


What do you think of these cat videos? Have a funny cat or dog video yourself? Email info@inspiringday.com with your funny videos and you might be featured in an upcoming article or post!

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