5 Incredible Pumpkin Carvings to Inspire Your Halloween

October 23, 2017

It’s that time of year where we all try to show off our amazing artistic abilities to our friends and families by carving out one of those fleshy gourds. Basically anyone can carve a pumpkin, but not everyone can turn that pumpkin into a work of art.

There are some people who really make us all feel ashamed of our pumpkin-carving abilities. Check out some of these amazing pumpkin artists!

1. The Pumpkin Scream

The scream is a classic Munch. The strange lines and eerie face produce as creepy feeling very fitting of Halloween. This pumpkin was posted by maniacpumpkins.

2. Old Grump

This pumpkin just looks like a grumpy old man. This artist also added arms and legs to the pumpkin to make it look even more human-like. It was posted by scuruchi.

3. Dog-O-Lanterns

This pumpkin looks exactly like an image of the artist’s dog Sophie. This video shows exactly how he got the final product. It was posted by Andy Manoloff.

4. Nose Picker

This pumpkin is one of the nastier ones on the list. The face on the pumpkin is wrinkled, has it’s tongue sticking out, and seems to be pulling something out of its nose. Pumpkin tendrils as hands add to the horror of it. This one was posted by michael_brown04.

5. Zombie Hand

This is definitely a grotesque pumpkin. The skin on the hand is a little ragged, showing the bone in some parts. It doesn’t really show what the hand is digging into, but definitely is creepy! This was posted by villafanestudios.

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