5 Items From a Thrift Store You Should Never Buy

October 26, 2017

I won't lie to you; I love our local thrift store. I can't tell you how many steals I've found from rummaging through the aisle. From designer jeans to that cute, vintage cookie jar, you never know what you will stumble upon.

While there are a lot of items, such as clothes, cookware, and furniture can be cleaned and re-purposed, there are some pieces that you may want to think twice about purchasing — especially when they could potentially compromise the safety of your family.

Next time you are at your local secondhand store, think about these 5 items first before purchasing.

1. Bedding

If you are buying any linens, mattresses, bed sheets, pillows, and the like, might want to reconsider that idea. Many of these products could contain bedbugs or other disgusting germs. You will be better off by spending a little bit more on brand new ones.

2. Cribs

For your child's safety, it's probably best to skip this purchase from the thrift store. Today, there are specifical requirements that crib manufacturers need to meet before selling

3. Crystal

If you are an antique collector like myself, you should be leery when purchasing them at a thrift store. Old crystals have been known to contain hazardous levels of lead. As a matter of fact, the traditional, decorative crystal pieces were originally made with 32 percent lead oxide or more.

4. Car Seats

Your child's safety should be your top priority whenever purchasing anything for them. Car seats should never be purchased from a secondhand store; it's not recommended to purchase one from someone you barely know. You may never know if the car seat was in an accident or has any defects to the body or straps. We hope that thrift stores would not accept car seats when donated — I know my local store refuses to accept used car seats.

5. Underwear

This one may sound obvious. Unless the underwear is still in the packaging, you should never wear used underwear. You will never know if they have been worn, carrying many disgusting germs.

Please don't get me wrong, I love a good deal at a secondhand store, but these items above should be avoided. What has been your best purchase at a thrift store? Share on our Facebook page! In other news, nearly 100 retailers are closing their doors for Thanksgiving Day. Click here to find out which ones!

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