5 Organization Hacks To Do Right Now!

July 13, 2017

Who doesn’t love a good life hack these days? Any way I can make my life go just a bit smoother and I’m on board! Below are five ways to keep your home and life organized.

1. Pin Plastic Sandwich Bag Boxes in Your Pantry

I can’t tell you how many times I “lose” sandwich bag boxes in our pantry. Somehow they get pushed back by other items and a year later we find enough for another year. Try this hack by pinning up the flap of the box to the inside of your pantry or cabinet.

2. Organizing Wrapping Paper

You do not want to see my closet during the holidays or around birthdays. My wrapping paper section was so unorganized...until I stumbled upon this tip. I thought the wire shelf was a great idea, but instead, I just used a piece of wood. I measured the piece to fit the width and then decided to spray paint it a turquoise color to add some pop.

3. Organize Food Storage Lids

If you walk away today doing only one of these tips, this should be the one you do.  It seems storage lids are very difficult to organize, especially if you have young kids who like to play with them.  What you need to do is set a cooling rack on top of a basket and slip in the storage lids. To keep the cooling rack in place, you can thread string down through the basket and tie it off.

4. Hang a Shoe Organizer for Storage

You may have already seen this hack, but if not, you're welcome! Shoe organizers are great for storing items other than shoes. You can hang one on the back of your laundry room door to hold cleaning supplies, or you can hang it on the back of the kids’ bedroom door to organize toys. The options are endless!

5. Place Clothes Hangers Backwards

This is a great way to clear out clothes you haven’t worn in a long time. First, go into your closet and turn all the clothes hangers backwards. Once the item has been worn, turn the hanger back facing forward. If there are any article of clothing still facing backwards after a year, then donate them to a local charity.  A great tip to help keep your closet organized while supporting a good cause.

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Source: DIY Home Sweet Home; DIY & Crafts