6 Stocking Stuffers That Will Warm Anyone's Heart This Christmas

October 17, 2017

Need some excellent gift ideas for your family and friends this year but don't feel like doing the typical blanket and candle gifts, or coffee grounds and a mug gift?

Even though those gifts are more than welcomed in my direction, I have found some unique gift ideas that would blow your family and friends out of the water!

1. SMOKO Wearable Fingerless USB Powered Toast Hand Warmers - $30-$37

These little guys are just adorable! Why use disposable hand warmers, when you can keep your hands "toasty" with these smiley slices of toast? This neat item will allow your fingers to roam freely while the rest of your hand stays warm. To purchase one, click here.

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2. Thuggies Funzie Onesie - $80

Remember wearing footie pajamas as a kid? Do you miss those days? Well, look no further! They have adult onesies! This would be a great gift for college students, gamers, and sports fans. Take your Thuggie camping, sporting events, or on road trips. You'll always be comfortable! To purchase one, click here.

3. COSORI 24 Watt Stainless Steel Mug Warmer - $30

After a little while, my coffee ends up getting cold. It's probably one of the worsts events of my work day. However, I think I have found the solution. Check out this highly rated mug warmer! You can customize the heat from 77 degrees to 194 degrees. COSORI prides itself in their high-tech materials making this device heat-resistant and fire-resistant. To purchase one, click here.

For a waterproof option, click here.

4. Magic Coffee Heat Sensitive Mug - $12

Time to make your morning fun again! This heat sensitive mug changes with the temperature of your coffee or tea and lets you know when your drink is getting cold. With 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed, it's worth buying! You can buy one here.

For another fun option, check this one out here!

5. ValueRays Heated Mouse - $20

Need another way to keep your hands warm and don't want to be too flashy with the toasty toast hand warmers (item #1)? Check out this heated mouse. All you need to do is plug in the USB cable into the USB port of your computer. The mouse will be at a comfortable heat level of 99 degrees and 104 degrees. To purchase one, click here.

6. ThermaCELL Orignal Heated Insoles - $60 - $104

These heating products are a must-have. Their cutting-edge technology allows to you remote-control the insoles to warm your feet. There is no heat setting, so all you would do is turn it on when needed, or off when not needed. To purchase these, click here.

What do you think about these fun stocking stuffers? Some of these ideas might be great as a gift itself. 

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