5th Grader Hailed a Hero for Saving Choking Classmate’s Life

February 22, 2018

A normal school lunch turned frantic in an instant as a student began choking on her food. Luckily for her, a classmate quickly sprung into action.


Benjamin Ford is a fifth grader at Greenwood Elementary in Henrico County, Virginia. During lunch earlier this week, he saw a classmate gasping for breath and starting to turn colors.


“I wasn’t really calm,” said Benjamin. “My heart was racing and I just knew I had to help her.”



Despite his nerves, school officials say that he managed to use all the right moves to save the student. Benjamin says that he learned how to save a choking person from a documentary he watched with his mom a few years ago.


“I felt like I had to hurry up and get to her,” Benjamin recalled. “I thought in a couple more seconds she might not make it.”


Using the information learned from the documentary, he was able to successfully dislodge the food from his classmate’s throat, clearing her airway and allowing her to breath again.


Along with a big thank you and hug from his friend, Benjamin was the hero of the day with his classmates.

“I got a lot of claps and I had a lot of fist bumps, and they were really supportive when I walked down the hall,” said Benjamin.



His parents were also very proud of his quick actions and amazed he remembered everything so well from the documentary. However, when they first heard the news, they thought he was talking about a video game.


“Then we found out it was a real person and we were shocked,” said his mom. “It was awesome.”


Greenwood Elementary administrators honored him in front of the entire school, and his parents let him choose a new video game as well as let him see the new Black Panther movie at the theater.


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