6 Things You Must Buy at The Dollar Store

November 08, 2017


I'm a huge fan of dollar stores. Buying things for a dollar or less feels illegal sometimes. Luckily for us bargain shoppers, it's not!

Other than the fantastic prices, you get a store that's not overcrowded and a small store that's not overwhelming. After some research, I've found several items you must buy at a dollar store.

1. Gift Bags and Gift Wrap - I happen to do this last weekend for a friend's birthday. With just $2, I was out with a large gift bag and some pretty tissue paper.

2. Greeting Cards - Most of the time you can get two for $1. However, you know you've scored when you walk out with just one card for a $1 versus going to Walmart and spending $3.99 or more.


3. Decorations - For people who don't shop at the dollar stores, they are really missing out on some of the home decor and holiday decorations. Even with just buying a few, you can really spruce up a bathroom or entryway table.


4. Picture Frames - Why on earth would you buy frames for $15 when you can get them at the dollar store for a buck. Most of them range from traditional to a modern look. A lot of DIY-ers use these inexpensive frames for craft projects.

5. Winter Clothes - I stumbled upon this last winter season and felt like I struck gold. While other clothing items may not be worth the money, beanies, and gloves are an absolute must purchase here. If you have programs at your church where they ask for items such as these, your money will go a lot further at a dollar store.

6. Reading Glasses - Purchase these anywhere else, you will be spending close to $10 or more. Where at a dollar store you can pick these up for a buck. With many styles and lenses, you'll be sure to find one that suits your style. Some people purchase a few just in case they ever scratch or to keep them in multiple areas (i.e. bedroom, office, by your reading lamp, etc.).

Do you shop at your local dollar store? Do you enjoy shopping there? Share with us what you like to purchase! In other news, nearly 100 retailers are closing their doors for Thanksgiving day. Check out who they are!

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