6-Year-Old Calls Cops “My Superheroes”

October 26, 2017

Oliver Davis is a six-year-old who loves cops. Recently, he decided to do everything he could to help them. He put together a stand where he gave out lemonade and doughnuts to any cop that passed.

Apparently, his love for police officers first started almost two years ago. They gave him a uniform and a bike to ride on. Ever since then, he has loved police officers.

Oliver’s mother, Brandi, shared that Oliver “wanted to do something nice” for police officers. After brainstorming for a little bit about what to do, Brandi decided that this lemonade and doughnut stand would be the perfect answer.

Oliver set up the lemonade and doughnut stand. They just set the stand up in front of their home. His mother shared, “We got about 120 doughnuts and we had lemonade and water for them.”

Apparently, they had around 100 officers show up for doughnuts and lemonade. The officers were from ten different departments and two different states.

Oliver wore his uniform and patches and brought out his bike. He wanted to show the gifts to all of the other officers.

According to his mother, “They loved it. I had one officer after say that it made his day. Oliver was in heaven just being able to talk to all the officers because he really does believe he is part of a police team. He thought it was awesome.”

Oliver doesn’t have any police officers in his family, so he plans on being the first. Oliver shared, “I don’t need Batman, Spider-Man, or Superman. I just need these guys.”

Check out the full video of Oliver’s lemonade stand here.

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