77-Year-Old Nun Takes on Her Violent Chicago Neighborhood

January 24, 2018

On Megyn Kelly's show, Megyn Kelly TODAY, she shares an inspiring story about a 77-year-old nun living in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods of Chicago.

The neighborhood Sister Donna Liette lives in has a high violence rate, with roughly five to seven murders a week. She hears guns firing, people screaming, and many other things you can imagine in a neighborhood like that.

But Sister Donna refuses to back down. She is not scared of her neighborhood; she just wants to encourage the good in every individual she comes across. When she was asked if she was worried for her saftey, Sister Donna, without hesitation, said, "No." 

When asked why, she replied, "I just don't. I feel like I have God's protection."

Sister Donna is apart of the Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation. There she is making changes within the violent community by helping young men and their families separate themselves from violence. She has also established a group full of mothers who have lost their children to prison and even death.

In the segment with Megyn and Sister Donna, a group of mothers were interviewed. A lot of mothers carry around shame and guilt about their children. Thankfully, the group meets once a week where they can be supported and encouraged to get through their struggles and regrets.

One mother said, "I have to visit my son in the cemetery and you get to visit your son in prison. Now I realize you lost your son, too."

Some of these mothers who have lost their children to violence are sitting next to the mother whose son committed that crime. When the group first began meeting, it was quiet. As they grew to know each other and put their faith in one another, the room is now full of laughter and support.

A week before Sister Donna was interviewed by Megyn Kelly, one of her boys from the ministry was shot just outside her work. "It was just a horrible thing to see," she said. "I never really have seen it quite that close."

Sister Donna can see the improvements already in her neighborhood. "There's a lot of good here. That while there is a lot of murders going on, I think they need to know that there's a lot of people working together. We can't lose hope."

"You know this isn't real comfortable," Sister Donna said. "But it's sure worth it. I feel privileged to be there. “We want to restore not only life, we want to restore the community. It’s not about me. One little Sister can’t do all this. It’s a whole bunch of us working together." WATCH the inspiring VIDEO below for the full interview!

Later in the segment, joined by Sister Donna, Father David Kelly and mothers from the community, Megyn Kelly announced a surprise to assist with renovating another building to shelter families in emergencies. Coldwell Banker showed up with a $12,000 check and Ace Hardware donated $10,000.

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