7 Best Stocking Stuffers Under $20 For the Geek in Your Life

December 04, 2017

It’s that wonderful time of the year where you have to figure out exactly what gift will make everyone in your family happy. Yes, it can be fun; but it can also be stressful. Instead of spending too long stressing about gifts this year, check out this list of the best stocking stuffers you can buy for geeks.

1. Game controller mold

If you know any geeks, they’ll probably love this game controller mold. The only problem? It requires cooking. Maybe a part of the gift will have to be making some gummy candies in the mold. Buy it here.

2. Lego Cake Pan

These silicone Lego cake pans can be the perfect gift for the geek in your life. Whether they play with Legos now, did in the past, or just love the Lego movie, they’ll probably love these cakes. Again, unfortunately, this doesn’t come with the cakes, so you might have to make some of those as a part of the gift.

3. Smart phone gloves

These days everyone has a smart phone. Unfortunately, that means that it can be really difficult to use your phone in the cold. Instead of having to take your gloves off to use your touchscreen, these gloves will let you use your phone while keeping your hands warm—perfect for the geek in your life! Check it out here.

4. Gamer mugs

These gamer mugs are perfect for just about anyone in your life. A bonus with these? They don’t have to wash their dishes as much! Or, if they’re playing with friends, the mugs are already pre-labeled. Check them out here.

5. The Big Red Button

You know how sometimes you just need to give up? That’s what this button is for. It connects to a computer via USB. When you hit the button, it will either fill your screen with explosions, pull up a pre-set picture, or pull up a spreadsheet to make it look like you’re working. Check it out here.

6. Star Wars Chopsticks

This list would never be complete without at least one “Star Wars” reference. These chopsticks are perfect for the geeky person in your life. Not only do they have the perfect lightsaber handles, but they also light up. Check them out here.

7. Gameboy Smartphone Case

This smartphone case is perfect for any gamer who remembers the days of Gamboys in the late 90’s. While it isn’t a functional case like some more expensive options, it will still bring back all the memories of those games. Check it out here.

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