7 Hilarious Dogs Who Got Themselves in Trouble

January 26, 2018

We love our dogs—there’s no question. And most of the time, they know exactly how to love us back—they make us laugh, cry, and give us cuddles.

Most of the time, they’re smart little creatures. But sometimes, they just get themselves into trouble. Check out these seven hilarious dogs that got themselves into trouble.

Stuck on a ledge.


I’m sure this sweet dog just wanted to explore, right? It’s too bad he’s not as good at backing out of the corner as he was at walking in!

The pie dog.


Apparently, this cutie found a pie in the bush. Instead of realizing that the bush doesn’t magically produce pies, she checks the bush every day for another gift. Luckily for her, it did provide one other gift: a tennis ball!


Snow fighter.


This sweet, wrinkly dog is doing everything he can to protect himself from the white fluffy stuff. I mean, I would be mad too if I was being attacked by the cold.

Skydiving husky.


While the sweet little fluff-butt in the beginning of the video is darling, it’s the husky who really takes that cake of being the dumbest. Apparently, he’s never seen stairs before and...well...doesn’t really know what to do with them.

An indoor pigeon hunger.


Apparently, a pigeon flew into the window one time. Now, the dog stands guard constantly—just to make sure that no pigeons make it back into the house.

Lazy swimmer.


This little cutie was just going to town with his swimming abilities—at least until he realized that he really didn’t need to. I mean really, why exercise when you can just stand there.

Not-so-lazy swimmer.


Many dogs have a natural hero-instinct. As soon as they think their human is in danger, they’re there to help out. This dog apparently thought that his owner was drowning. Luckily, he swooped in to save the day.

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