7-Year-Old Child Saved from Horrific, Neglectful Situation

January 25, 2018

Someone got a glimpse of the girl on July 13, 2007. The girl lived in a rundown shack of a home filled with feces, rodents, saturated diapers, and other unsanitary things.

As the little girl peeked out the window one day, a passerby noticed and immediately called authorities. When detective Mark Holste arrived, he was astonished to see a skeletal child curled up on a moldy box spring in a tiny room as maggots and flies covered her body.


As Holste ask her name, he noticed she had only a packed diaper on as feces dripped down her legs. Lice crawled throughout her hair. Roaches were swarming the floors. This was the worst case of child neglect he’d ever seen.

The detective slowly picked up the child and rushed her to the hospital to be evaluated. The girl's birth mom, Michelle Crockett, was arrested.


Michelle said that she was a single mom, raising two teenage boys and the girl. After several bad breaks in life, she said that her husband had passed away leaving her penniless with two children. She had a one-night-stand with a man and ended up getting pregnant with her third child.

In 2002, two incidences occurred where people witnessed the young girl naked and starving. When the social workers arrived, they labeled the child and the environment as "feces, filth, and neglect." They offered their help, but unfortunately, Michelle declined, and the social workers left the child in her custody.


The doctors determined her to be about seven years old. The Child Protection Team diagnosed the girl, now named Danielle (Dani) Crockett, with “psychological deprivation, failure to thrive, medical and physical neglect and developmental delays.”

Michelle waived her parental rights and took a plea deal resulting in two years of house arrest and probation. The court did not require jail time — which came as a shock to most everyone involved.


“She should have gotten at least 20 years,” Holste said.


“She should burn in hell,” said Dani’s guardian ad litem, Tracy Sheehan.



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