WATCH: 85-Year-Old Brutally Attacked While Quietly Praying Outside Abortion Clinic. Mainstream Media Goes Silent

March 29, 2019

On March 21, an 85-year-old pro-life advocate participating in a peaceful '40 Days for Life' campaign outside a San Francisco Planned Parenthood facility was the victim of a brutal attack when an assailant stole the victim’s banner and proceeded to viciously beat him.

The entire egregious assault was caught on video, and I tell you, it’s a difficult thing to watch.

The attacker allegedly tried to steal the man’s sign, and in an effort to stop the thief, he put a stick in the guy's bicycle spokes and grabbed the banner back.

That enraged the bully even more. He picked up his bicycle and knocked the man to the ground with it. When the man refused to relinquish the sign, the enraged attacker started kicking the prostrate protester.

“WATCH: 85-YR-OLD MAN Attacked, Repeatedly Kicked By Young Thug For Praying Outside Planned Parenthood Abortion Mill”

Shawn Carney, president of ’40 Days For Life’ expressed his outrage over the disgraceful incident that occurred while his group was peacefully assembled outside a San Francisco Planned Parenthood clinic.

“40 Days for Life vigils have a 12-year track record of being peaceful. This attack on an 85-year old man – who has been leading the San Francisco campaign for years — by a young aggressor shows that the idea that San Francisco is tolerant is a joke.”

There has been an alarming rise in this type of attacks across the nation against peaceful Pro-life protesters. and it appears that law enforcement has decided to turn a blind eye to it. Carney says that each incident has been reported to the authorities but it is unclear whether or not an investigation is being conducted.

Pro-abortion activists are evidently emboldened by the lack of police response; threats and violence seem to have become the new weapon ion choice against those wanting to protect the lives of babies.

“We believe every person should be treated with kindness, love and respect, even those with whom we may disagree.

“That said, over the past few months, we have seen an increase in violence from abortion supporters in an effort to instill fear and deter our law-abiding volunteers.”

Carney concluded his statement by showing the stark contrast between how the two sides handle the debate:

“The pro-life movement uses science, medical alternatives, and compassion to change hearts on this crucial issue. Planned Parenthood supporters have resorted to intimidation, insults, and violence.

“They have a long history of not granting dignity to the unborn and that now apparently applies to 85-year-old volunteers as well.”

Social media has exploded with condemnations of the vicious assault, even those who are pro-abortion, decry the horrific attack against the elderly gentlemen.

“These are peaceful Democrats attacking an 85-year-old man. Great Americans, NOT!“

“This is beyond ridiculous... where is the respect for the elderly? “

"An 85yr old man was brutally attacked as he prayed peacefully outside an abortion clinic. It wasn’t the 1st time he’d been attacked. Other silent protesters have been attacked by the same man in the San Francisco area. Let’s pray the police get him."

"Who raised this young man. To steal from, throw a bike at and kick an 85 yr old man. So this how the younger generation will treat the elderly."

"What do we expect? When you have no problem killing innocent children, beating up an old man is a piece of cake. I wonder how this coward would do against a man his equal? Probably wouldn’t even try."

"Why would they need to attack this man who was only praying?!! Satan must be worried and I pray this particular scumbag is brought to justice!"

“Out of control! He needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! It’s ok to disagree it’s not ok to beat, knock down or kick someone especially an 85-year-old man for peacefully protesting. 😡 “

“I do NOT support the #Trump's attacks on PP or woman's right to choose, but this attack is repugnant & all Americans should denounce it. I hope the attacker is found & prosecuted.”


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