8th Grade Teacher Collapses: Struck by Lightning While on Bus Duty

March 08, 2018

In Manchester, New Jersey, a 33-year-old middle school teacher was struck by lightning while on bus duty.

Jessica Geiger, an 8th-grade teacher at Manchester Middle School, was outside preparing for dismissal during a snowstorm when she was struck by lightning. According to NBC10, the afternoon was a "rare weather phenomenon known as a thundersnow."


"That's the last thing you'd expect in a snowstorm,” a reporter said with ABC7.

Geiger, who was standing next to other teachers, was standing on the sidewalk holding an umbrella in front of the school during the thunderstorm when she was struck.


"The staff members in the vicinity were also shaken. However they helped [Geiger] inside the building, and the nurse was able to attend to her," Manchester Schools superintendent David Trethaway told NBC10.


The local police and EMS arrived on scene; she was treated for non-life threatening injuries at a local hospital. She underwent tests and was kept overnight for evaluation.

Trethaway said that Geiger was shaken and in pain was aware and conscious throughout time. The following day, she stayed home and rested.


"[Geiger] is an excellent teacher who is well respected and loved by the staff and students and we are all very happy that she is going to have a full recovery," Trethaway said.


According to NBC10 First Alert Weather chief meteorologist Tammie Souza, reports of the thunderstorm happened around the same time Geiger was hit. There were more than 30 reports of lightning strikes across the region.

"Instead of a quick burst of heavy rain that you would get, you get a quick burst of extremely heavy snow, maybe 2 or 3 inches an hour," she said. "You get the lightning, you get the thunder, and you might get some gusty winds."

We are so thankful Geiger will have a full recovery. Please keep her in your prayers.


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