92-Year-Old Queen Elizabeth is Doing Something Women Her Age Rarely Do—Affecting Reign of Future King

June 05, 2018

I bet when you envision yourself in your 90's, it isn't working overtime. You probably think of yourself sitting on some beautiful coastline, sipping mimosas as the sun rises. Well, not Queen Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth is 92-years-old this year and she shows no signs of decreasing her workload anytime soon. In fact, sources say she has only increased it. While her husband, Prince Philip, retired in 2017, she continued to reign. 

According to one royal source, the Queen's workload has increased by a whopping 25% from 2017. But why? Some say all the new changes in the family are invigorating her, not slowing her down.

Other speculations say because she had to cancel so many engagements last year, she is trying to make up for lost time. Either way, we are thrilled to see her out and about so much!

Due to no signs of stopping, Prince Charles can expect to remain Prince for the foreseeable future. Will you join us in congratulating the Queen in the comments on Facebook for not allowing age to stop her!

In other news, here is an update on all the Melania Trump disappearance conspiracy theories.

Camilla Waves a Knife at Prince Charles. Watch The Video Below:





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