9 Ways to Lower Your Risk of Alzheimer's

July 26, 2017

Finally, there is some good news about Alzheimer’s! New research has been conducted finding that Alzheimer’s has been linked to nine risk factors. Some of these risk factors can actually begin as early as childhood, which can lower someone’s risk of developing this disease later in life.

Unfortunately, there is still no cure for Alzheimer’s. This new research has not yet proven it can fully prevent someone from getting Alzheimer’s. However, from the studies conducted, 24 of the world’s leading experts have identified these nine risk factors that, if caught early enough with some modifications in someone’s lifestyle, can protect their aging brain.

"We know what’s good for our hearts is good for our mind," Dr. John Torres, NBC News Medical Correspondent, says. "But we now also know that taking care of our mind, from the earliest ages through all decades of life, is important to reducing our risk of developing Alzheimer's disease."


Early next year, the Alzheimer’s Association plans to begin a $20 million study to test certain simple day-to-day activities that may help sharpen the minds of older adults. Below are nine factors that contribute to the risk of Alzheimer’s:

1. Middle-age hearing loss
2. Failure to complete secondary education
3. Smoking
4. Failure to seek early treatment for depression
5. Physical inactivity
6. Social isolation
7. High blood pressure
8. Obesity
9. Type 2 diabetes

Last year, there was a study conducted for grandparents and their connection with Alzheimer’s. This study shows that if grandparents spend a moderate amount of time with their grandkids, they may lower the risk or prevent Alzheimer’s all together.


This video shows the nine risk factors and how we can manage these factors at home with very little money: