9-Year-Old Girl Sets Up Scavenger Hunt for Her Stepdad. The Final Question is Leaving Everyone in Tears [Video]

May 08, 2018

Earlier this year, a video is going viral of a young girl sets up a scavenger hunt with the help of her mother. The scavenger hunt is for her stepfather and she has a very important question for her.



Aeralyn was just two years old when her mother, Jerica, met her now stepfather Jacob Thrasher. Jacobs positive influence has done wonders for Aeralyn which prompted her to do something very special for him.


The family lives in Sullivan, Illinois, and Aeralyn and Jerica secretly went to a lawyer in town to get help get the adoption forms in place.


Later that night, Jerica arrived with the forms and showed them to Aeralyn; but 9-year-old wanted to take it a step further. She had a plan, and it was a good one!



The mother-daughter-duo set up the scavenger hunt around the house, and even around town. This event took place at night because Aeralyn just couldn't wait any longer. Who could blame her?


As he reads the notes throughout the house and even to their public storage shed, Jacob had no idea was about to happen. The viewers are anticipating what's about to happen next and when or if Aeralyn was going to show up.


Finally, he arrives at the last location. A courthouse with Aeralyn standing on the front steps with a note in hand.


"Thank you for being the dad you didn't have to be," Jacob read. Jerica asked that Aeralyn read the rest of the letter instead.


As she begins to choke up during her letter, Jacob picks her up and hugs her. He sets her down and she finishes the scavenger hunt.


Check it out below! Grab a Kleenex!



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