“Quasi the Great” is the Only German Shepherd Without a Neck

January 31, 2018

We all know what German Shepherds look like. The strong, agile, and smart dogs are often trained to be service or police dogs. One German Shepherd Dog, though, doesn’t quite look like most others.

His name is Quasimodo. Instead of looking long and slim like most German Shepherds, Quasimodo looks short—and a little stubby.


“Quasi the Great,” as he is known on Facebook, has Short Spine Syndrome. His spinal cord is compressed significantly more than most dogs—and he is even missing a few vertebrae.

Because of his compressed spine, Quasi doesn’t really have a neck. Aside from his condition, though, Quasi is a happy dog.


Quasi was found as a stray when he was four years old. It took the authorities in Kentucky five days to catch him. He was taken in by one of the largest shelters in the United States, Secondhand Hounds. The shelter is working to ensure that Quasi is as healthy as possible before they put him up for adoption.

Unfortunately, veterinarians are not able to make Quasi’s spine more comfortable. They have done surgery to ensure that his neck doesn’t cause too much pain and to fix any other painful issues. The shelter shared, “Quasi is missing a couple vertebra in his back, but that is not causing him pain. His back cannot be surgically repaired.”


Though Quasi might look a little different than a normal dog, he doesn’t act like he’s different. His foster mom shared, “Born different but never knowing any other way, he seeks to please the people who have shown him kind hands and warm hearts...He gets around just find and knows exactly how to snuggle to fit into a lap.”

Check out this darling video to find out a little more about Quasi the Great. He does look a little different, but boy can he run just like the other dogs!


His foster mom shared, “He may not be as pretty as many dogs on the outside, but his heart and soul shine through and make him one of God’s most beautiful creatures!

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