400-Pound Fiona Was the Backdrop for the Perfect Proposal

November 15, 2017

Early in 2017, a pregnant hippopotamus at the Cincinnati Zoo gave birth six weeks early. Because of the premature birth, the baby hippo needed special care. Her care team shared that the hippo needed constant care. As they cared for her, they grew more and more emotionally attached to her.

The hippo was eventually named Fiona. She overcame health hurdle after health hurdle—all within the first few weeks of her life. Eventually, Fiona was healthy enough to return to her family, but not before becoming an Internet sensation.

The Cincinnati Zoo posted frequent updates on Fiona, sharing her journey. Fiona grew from being a 24 pound premature hippo to 550 pounds—all in only 9 months! Recently, Fiona was a part of a couple’s moment as they made one of the biggest decisions of their lives.

On October 8, Nick Kelble and Hayley Roll visited the Cincinnati Zoo. It was their first dating anniversary. When they got to Fiona’s enclosure, outside swimming.

A line quickly formed, so people could get photos with Fiona—or at least as close as possible. When they got near the front, Fiona swam right on the other side of the glass—just in time to watch Nick get down on one knee.

According to Hayley, “Nick and I were waiting in line to get our photo taken with Fiona and I gave my cell phone to someone to take the photo and when I turned back around, Nick was on one knee proposing.”

Like any Internet star, Fiona stayed around for all the pictures. You can see her staring smugly through the glass as Nick is on one knee, as Hayley reaches for the ring, and as they kiss. Of course, after the proposal, the couple stopped to take another picture with Fiona as the focus.

Check out the awesome pictures here. Make sure to click the arrow to look at the other pictures, too.

Congratulations to Nick and Hayley! You know it’s going to be a great relationship when an Internet-famous hippo approves, right?

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