A Message to The Slow Left Lane Drivers of the World

December 06, 2017

If you are like me, then you may get a little frustrated when you are behind someone occupying the left lane (a.k.a. the "fast lane") going slower than cars that are in the right lane (a.k.a. the "slow lane").

Rightfully so, the left lane is, by law, the lane to pass other vehicles and slower vehicles should keep to the right lane. In some states, you can get a ticket for driving slow in the left lane.

Every state has some form of law restricting the use of the left lane. In July 2016, Tennessee is enforcing a new law called the "slow poke" law.

In Tennesse, "Slow drivers who do not yield to drivers moving faster than them, regardless of the speed limit, will face a misdemeanor charge or $500 fine if caught," according to AutoInsurance.org.

Indiana and Georgia have also been enforcing their "slow poke" laws in 2014 and 2015, with many other states jumping on the new trend. For most of us, this is something to be excited about it. But if you happen to be one of those "slow pokes," then perhaps it's time to start working on going the speed limit or getting in the habit of being in the slow lane.

In no way is this article encouraging speeding. Some drivers tend to drive below the speed limit, which is illegal as well, while others are driving the speed limit and would like to pass.

Dangers of Slow Driving in the Left Lane

A video from Vox, a digital media company, explains the dangers of the left lane, especially when there are slow drivers in both lanes. This is dangerous for not only you but for everyone else around you. For example, when there are slow drivers in both lanes, the faster vehicles have to weave in and out to maintain their speed which increases the risk of a crash.

To keep the flow of traffic and to minimize accidents, only use the left lane to pass. Once a vehicle passes the slow driver, the faster vehicle needs to move back over to the right lane until they are ready to pass again.

Studies shown in the video say that vehicles in the left lane that drive 5 m.p.h. slower than the flow of traffic have a higher chance of causing an accident than a car traveling 5 m.p.h. faster — even if the slower vehicle is going the speed limit.

What do you think about this? Will you be changing your driving habits? In other news, In-N-Out Buger is opening 50 new locations. Is one opening up near you? Find out here!

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