A Ping Pong Ball Will Tell You if Your Tree Needs More Water

December 04, 2017

Your Christmas tree is up, your lights are shining bright, and you sit back admiring your beautiful decorations with a cup of coffee in hand. All is merry and bright!

Then comes the time to water your tree, day after day. But sometimes it's hard to tell if your tree really needs water because of those low-hanging branches — it's hard to see where the water level is at. This is where the ping pong ball comes into play, according to Reddit user SolidDoctor.

Drop a ping pong ball in the tree's water reservoir. When you see the ball, you know your tree has enough water. If you don't see the ball, then you know that your tree needs water. Add water until you see the ping pong ball.

Now your tree will always have plenty of water, and you won't have to awkwardly bend your neck to see the water level — or get poked in the eye with a low-hanging branch. Or is that just me?

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