A Stranger Helped This Exhausted Dad on “One of the Worst Days in a Long Time”

February 06, 2018

Flying with babies can be chaotic, there’s no question about it. The pressure changes can cause a headache for anyone, but it can be especially for babies who don’t understand what’s happening.

Evan Hughes and his wife were recently flying from Chicago, where they were visiting friends, back to their home in Dallas. They were flying with their 8-month-old son. Their initial flight was canceled because of inclement weather.

Evan and his wife tried to book another flight to get home on time, but they weren’t able to book flights on the same plane. Because Evan was going to make it back to Dallas before his wife, they decided that he would take their son.

His first flight was from Chicago to Atlanta. During his short layover, he changed his son’s diaper, then rushed onto board the flight to Dallas. When he sat in his seat, he started chatting with the woman next to him.

By the time the plane took off, Evan was absolutely exhausted. He hadn’t been able to sleep the night before because they were figuring out new flights. Now, he was having to wrangle his 8-month-old son alone without his wife. Evan said that it was “one of the worst days in a long time.”

Pretty quickly into the flight, it became clear that Evan’s son was infatuated with the woman sitting next to them. Evan discovered that she had two children of her own and worked at a daycare.

Apparently, his son was even trying to climb over him to sit in her lap. His neighbor offered to hold the baby for a bit, but Evan declined. However, his son soon became agitated. He wanted to be able to sit in her lap and look out the window.

Evan decided that it wouldn’t hurt to let her hold him for a few minutes, so he later accepted her offer. After looking out the window for a few minutes, he fell fast asleep.

Throughout the remainder of the flight, Evan and his neighbor took turns holding the baby, which kept him happy throughout the flight. When the plane finally landed, they chatted for a few minutes, then parted ways.

Evan didn’t know what to do to thank her for helping him so much. He asked for her email and did the only thing he could think of: he sent her a Starbucks gift card via email.

He shared, “The exhaustion from the day had caught up, and having that temporary reprieve to catch some shut-eye was amazing.”

What a blessing for this exhausted dad! That was exactly what he needed after a long day of traveling with his young son.

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