Abandoned Puppy Greets His Rescuer With Yips of Joy and a Wagging Tail

February 06, 2018

Greece has gone through an extreme debt crisis. Though the country as a whole has begun to stabilize, there is one population in the country that has been especially victimized by the bad economy: stray dogs.

Thousands of dogs and puppies are abandoned each year in the country—many of them remain on the streets. In 2015, researchers with BBC claimed that there were over a million strays in the country.

A man in Greece was recently out for his daily jog. He took the exact same route that he normally does.

On this jog, though, he spotted something a little different. Out in one of the fields that he ran past, he saw a little white spot.

He realized that it was a dog that had been abandoned in the field. He decided to get a little closer to see if he could figure out what was happening.

The dog had been left quite a ways from a street and outside of the town. It seemed like whoever abandoned him didn’t want him to be found.

When the puppy realized that the person approaching him was a rescuer, he got so excited. He started to bounce around excitedly, wagging his tail.

The sweet puppy approached his rescuer with little yips of joy. He rolled over onto his back so that his rescuer could scratch his belly. Check out the full video below.


The jogger decided that he needed to take care of the dog. He brought it home with him and contacted an animal shelter. After ensuring that the puppy would be safe and happy, he posted the video online with the comment, “Finally he is okay and the puppy has a home now.”

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