Abducted Mother and Child Saved After She Mouths These Two Words

December 11, 2017

Friday night in Salem, Oregon, a man broke into an empty house. When the mother and her young child got home, Christopher Hahn-Collins held them at knifepoint overnight and into the following morning.

The next day, the woman was able to convince the man to take them to Dick's Sporting Goods. While browsing the aisles, the woman was determined to make eye contact with someone. Impressively, she was able to keep her calm so her abductor wouldn't suspect anything.

When she locked eyes with several shoppers and employees, she mouthed, “Help me.”

Thankfully, the customers were paying attention and immediately called the police. The Marion County Sheriff deputies arrived around 1 p.m. and arrested Hahn-Collins on two counts of first-degree kidnapping and several other serious charges.

"I think he was pretty bold to do that," said one of the Dick's Sporting Goods customers, Lori Schilling.

"We have to commend her because, how brave is that? She did a great job of keeping this man calm and getting herself in a position where she could get help," said Marion County Sheriff's Office Lt. Chris Baldridge.

The police officers believe the woman and her child did not know Hahn-Collins before the kidnapping.

"(She’s) very brave to be able to do that and stay calm enough to be able to think of a solution to get them to safety," Schilling continues. "When you have children, I think your instincts really, you know, heighten and you immediately go into that protection mode..."

It's incredible and inspiring to see the community come together to help save this mother and her child's life. If it wasn’t for them, who know where they might be.

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