Adding Water to Your Daily Routine

August 14, 2017

We’ve all heard that we need to drink more water. That doesn’t, however, make it easy. I’ve heard tip after tip of how to get in your 8 daily glasses of water, but none of them seem to motivate me.

Instead of carrying around a gallon of water to chug through the day, check out these practical ways to work more water into your routine. Soon, maybe you’ll see the health benefits that everyone raves about!

If you don’t love your water bottle, you probably won’t use it very much. However, if you have a quality water bottle that keeps your water cold through the day, you’ll be more likely to use it. These water bottles are built well and can keep your drinks cold for 24 hours, even in a hot car.

Instead of drinking plain water all day, you might be more likely to drink it if you love the flavor. Add in oranges, lemons, or cucumbers to give yourself a refreshing and natural flavor.

3. Create goals for yourself

If you have specific goals set for yourself, you’ll be more likely to follow your plan. If you set smaller goals throughout the day, it will be easier to reach your goal by the end of the day.

Add drinking water to your habits every day. Maybe drink 8 ounces after you brush your teeth in the morning and another 8 ounces at night. Drink 12 ounces before eating any meal. These habits can quickly add up to you staying hydrated.

5. Set reminders

Add reminders on your phone or computer to remind yourself to continue to drink water throughout the day. You can also download an app like Waterlogged to track your drinking throughout the day.

If phone reminders and habits still don’t get you drinking water, try challenging a work partner or family member. You can help motivate them while they help to motivate you. Small verbal reminders throughout the day can be much more effective than electronic reminders.

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