Adopted Sibling is Reunited With Her Long-Lost Sister Even Though They Were Over 5,000 Miles Apart—Grab the Tissues; This is a Tearjerker

May 02, 2018

Everyone loves a good reunion story. Especially one involving siblings. Well, folks, I’m here to deliver that to you today.

Meet Sophie and Danielle, who formerly went by Gianna and Radhika before they were adopted by Ron and Natalie Trecrose from Canada. This is no ordinary adoption story, though—it has a twist.

The two sisters were abandoned by their mother at birth and sent to different orphanages. Unbeknownst to the Trecrose family at the time of Sophie’s adoption in 1997 in Romania, she also had a sister at another orphanage.

It was common during that time in Romania, due to poverty and the ban of birth control, for Romanian children to be left at orphanages because their mothers just couldn’t take care of them.

When the Trecrose family returned to Canada, they later discovered that little Sophie had a sister at another orphanage. Because getting any of Sophie’s paperwork was difficult as it is, they knew the search wouldn’t be easy.

But for Sophie, they wanted to make sure she had her biological sister. When they finally located Sophie’s sister, Danielle, they brought her back to Canada and started their new life together.

The catch? They found out later there were actually a total of eight siblings! They couldn’t locate the others, though they tried. We hope and pray they all find each other someday.

Today the girls are both in college and hope to go back to their homeland to explore their heritage. We are happy they found their happily ever after!

Watch this video for more on the story:

What do you think of this story? Wasn’t their reunion a miracle?

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