Rescue Dog Slept in Exact Same Spot for Years—But Then, Everything Changed

February 08, 2018

When Corey Jordan and his fiancee Elsa adopted their new dog, they had no idea where he came from. The new dog, though, quickly fit into their daily routine.

Every single night, Astro would sleep nestled between the two in bed. He did it so often that the couple took to calling it his “spot.”

When Elsa got pregnant, they had no idea how Astro would react. They thought he might get protective of his parents and his “spot.” However, they didn’t anticipate what actually happened.

As Elsa’s stomach grew, Astro started to get more and more concerned about her. He recognized that something was changing.

“Astro is a sweet boy and very loving,” Corey shared. “During the pregnancy, he was always near Elsa and would be very protective of her stomach if people were over. He never leaves her side. He’d occasionally lay his head on her belly or put his paw on it and just hang out.”

Though it was clear that Astro noticed a difference, they weren’t sure that he actually realized what was happening. When Elsa finally gave birth to baby Noah, they were nervous to introduce the two.

At first, Astro was confused by the presence of the new baby. He figured it out eventually, though.

“Astro sniffed Noah all over and then ran to his mommy,” Corey said. “He sniffed her and got some pats, but then seemed confused. He went back to Noah and sniffed him again. Then he kind of looked at us like, ‘Oh, OK. This is what was in Mommy’s belly—got it. I’ll keep him safe.’”

That night, Astro gave up the spot that he had slept in for years. Instead of snuggling up between his parents, he found a new spot—right next to Noah.

“To see Astro give up his spot, for any amount of time at night, is surprising because he has always slept there,” Corey shared. “Once he did it, though, I understood. Because he sat there and stared at Noah, and then he laid down. So we both knew what was going on in his head.”

Even during the day, Astro doesn’t like to lose sight of Noah for too long. His parents are already convinced that Noah will adore him when he gets older.

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