Boston Marathon Bombing Victim Seriously Injured When Car Hits Her While Crossing Street; Says She’s ‘Completely Broken’

January 07, 2019

How much tragedy can any one person be expected to withstand? If having been gravely injured in the notorious terrorist bombing at the 2013 Boston Marathon weren't enough, one survivor has suffered yet another crushing injury. This time, the amputee was merely crossing the street when a car came out of nowhere and struck her down.

The BBC reports, “Ms. Haslet-Davis was a spectator at the Boston Marathon and sustained life-changing injuries when two pressure cooker bombs went off near the finish line.

“Three people died in the terror attack, and many others were injured.

“The ballroom dancer lost part of a leg, but vowed to perform again despite the extent of her injuries.”

And perform again, she did. Haslet appeared on the TV show, ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and was one of two amputee survivors to return to run in the Boston Marathon in 2016.

Adrianne Haslet-Davis who lost her left leg as a result of the injuries she sustained in the bombing, posted the tragic news to her Instagram, along with a photo of her lying in her hospital bed.

“Struck by a car on Commonwealth Avenue, while on a crosswalk. Thrown into the air and landed, crushing the left side of my body. Yesterday. I’m completely broken. More surgery to come.”

Now the 36-year-old professional ballroom dancer is facing several surgeries to repair the damage caused by her run-in with the vehicle.

Just to see her progress after such a horrific injury, Ms. Haslet-Davis is no doubt a survivor. However, she did admit to being frightened of what’s to come from her latest misfortune.

"I'm really scared and heading into my next surgery - I don't know how many more there will be," she said in an Instagram post. She went on to thank all those have reached out to support her in both her 2013 incident and now the latest injuries.

"I can feel your love and support and just wanted to say thank you. I'm really scared but think I'm in good hands."

And if her recovery from the devastating injuries she suffered in 2013 is any indication of how she’ll do this time, I’d be willing to wager that she’s an odds-on favorite to ‘win’ in her latest challenge.

In a ‘Flashback Friday’ post recently, Adrianne shared her philosophy. It’s a lesson many of us could stand to learn - even if we aren’t bombing survivors:

“If you figured it all out today, what would be the point of tomorrow? Enjoy the process of being a work in progress.” - unknown

#flashbackfriday to trying to figure out how to run in a running blade. There was a lot of stopping, grabbing the handrail, almost falling, and frustration. On days like today when I’m forced to rest and recover, I love to remember how tough the beginning of my run journey was.

“I have come so far, but sometimes it’s easy to forget that. What will get you to the finish line is nothing compared to what will get you to the start line. Enjoy the process!”

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